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Sewing Jots & Tittles 4.18.11

Ok, as you know "Sewing Jots & Tittles" is my weekly post where I get to ramble on and on about sewing related stuff that's been on my mind. Here's what I've been thinking. 

Desperate Blogger: I've been TRYING desperately to post more! Things just have been a little busy and between 3 sewing projects currently in the works and much client work in addition to everything else. You know how crazy our lives can get. I miss "hanging out" with you guys and reading alot of your posts. After Easter, things will slow down a bit and I should be able to post and "visit" with you more! You know I can't live without my daily dose of K-Line (wink)!

Withdrawal: I'm still very much on my high with Spring sewing as mentioned in my last post. With that said I'm going to have to withdraw from the "Jacket of the Month" challenge. I mean, I don't know why I tried to kid myself. I live in one of the most sub-tropical states in the US and we broke high temperature records last year. It gets HOT & Humid here----like 115 F on a steamy day. I thought I could make some cute Spring/ Summer jackets but that idea is just ridiculous. And I refuse to sew cold weather jackets now (when it comes to sewing I don't do the whole delayed gratification thing.) Besides, I've got too many cute Spring/Summer items to sew. I'll save my jacket sewing for the end of summer.

Easter Dresses: My daughter's is cut out and 90% complete. I just have to add the zipper, hem it, and add a waist sash. I think I'm going to go with a brown satin sash to coordinate with my fabric. The dress is cute--nothing spectacular--and I think the crinkly gauze gives it a nice effect! Here's the pattern and her dress below.

With her dress almost done that leaves mine to cut out and sew. I'm actually having second thoughts about my dress (not uncommon for me). I'm questioning my print and hoping it's not too much. Again, my gut tells me I'm fine so I'll work on cutting it out today and getting it sewn up in the next few days.

Saw this ad in the newspaper and I am so THANKFUL to God that I know how to sew. Did you see those prices? The dress on the left is cute and all but it's priced at $178. I don't care if it is chiffon and is draped all nice, that's a LOT for one dress! You know how much fabric you can get for that? LOL!

Fabric Love: I found this fabric the other day when I stopped by Jo-Ann's to pick up some notions for my Easter dresses. I passed it up the last time I was in the store and just knew I had to pick it up. It's a floral charmeuse print and the colors are quite rich (excused my out of focus pic, too lazy to take another one). I haven't decided a pattern yet, but I'm thinking a cute, flowy top of some sort with white pants. Hmmmm......

BTW, when I walked in the store the line was absolutely CRAZY. The Daffodil Dash sale was going on and the whole store was full. The line was like25 people long. it was ridiculous!

I was hoping and praying the line would clear so I could go pick up my daughter. Fortunately it did!

Jumpsuit Fever: In addition to all of the clothes I mentioned an interest in sewing in the next few months (see last post), I failed to mention a jumpsuit. I have been  wanting one since last year. I purchased some super matte jersey in black and plan to make this little number real soon.....

Burda Patterns on sale at Hancock's--- I'm still upset that I missed this sale a couple of weeks ago. I think the patterns were on sale for $2.99 or so. In my years of sewing I've NEVER seen these on sale. Back in the day you could use Jo-Ann coupons to discount them before they change that. I didn't know Hancock carried them. This must be new---because my local store only carried Kwik Sew and the basic 4 plus New Look. I still don't know about my local store. But I guarantee I won't miss the next sale like this---even if I have to order them online (I wonder if I can???). I just love Burda patterns. The look and fit is so European and shapely!


  1. I love your daughter's dress. can't wait to see what ribbon you pair with it for Easter.

    I need to start making my own clothes. prices are crazy ...

  2. xoxo - I love it when I get my daily dose of you!

  3. The Burda pattern sale was awesome - sorry to rub it in! My only problem was that they only had exactly one of each pattern, and other people were buying them up quickly too, but I managed to go early and get all the ones I wanted. I don't think they extend the pattern sales to the website, but if I see them on sale again I'll be sure to leave you a message.

    Love the fabrics you picked up and can't wait to see the final product.

  4. The fabrics you have are lovely..... I can understand why you'd want to make own clothes. I feel the same when I see the prices of the garments. I reason the same way as you too. Mr Hubby loves it.... because he saves money too! hahaha!

    I am so looking forward to your finished garments. I have started sewing too Victoria. All excited!

  5. I think your daughter's Easter dress is so sweet and spring like. I sure understand what you mean about the JAM challenge. With this recent hot weather I too have questioned my sanity. I will wear them but it's so hard to think about handling warm fabrics and linings when it's this hot. I think I'll cut one out this week but I'm also cutting out one or two more sleeveless sheaths which will be more wearable at the moment.

  6. Sounds like you have been super busy. :) You are the second blogger I have seen today with a jumpsuit in the making. Makes me wonder if I should check them out!

  7. Im soooooo disgusted with myself for missing that Burda sale!!! I knew about it but couldn't pry myself away from the house that Sunday. I wonder how often will that sale come around? I almost feel like I missed a rare eclispe or something lol!!

  8. I love you daughter's's so cute!!! I really like the fabric for your Easter dress & think it's going to look great!! & oh my goodness I can't believe I missed the Burda pattern sale! I've never purchased a Burda on sale!!!!

  9. You've been busy! Pretty dress! Girl, Hancocks is so far from me but every now and then I go and I went recently and they had Burda and they have never carried them. Also, the guy there told me that Kwik Sew went on sale and I have never seen them or Burda on sale. I'm going to have to start going there more often!

  10. Just stopping by to say Hello, Victoria! Happy Easter, and by the way, the print for your dress is FABULOUS!!!!! If you don't want it, I'll take it!!!!

  11. Hancock's carrying Burda patterns is new. I've never seen them in a Hancock's before. When I saw the ad for the Burda sale, I had to do a double take. I just moved so I hadn't been in my local Hancock's yet. I raced down there and there they were...Burdas for $2.49! I, of course, bought my 10. I had never been a big Burda fan before but I managed to find 10 patterns I was very excited about. Hopefully Hancock's will run this sale with the same regularity that they run all the other pattern sales (once a month). You'll get them next time!


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