Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just call me the "Jacquard Hunter"!

This past weekend the family and I thought it would be a great idea to take a quick trip out of town. Well we decided to head on down to Jacksonville, Florida (only 1.5 hours away). I don't have to tell you what my main focus was on (aside from spending family of course)....... FABRIC stores Of Course!!! I had to know how many fabric stores were in a 20 mile radius of our hotel. Are you laughing at me? You know you do the exact same thing!!!  Besides looking at fabric is one of the main ways I relax (the other ways are sewing, reading sewing books, planning my seasonal wardrobes--but you must believe that aside from sewing I do have other interests---LOL!!!) Well it turns out that there were 3 Jo-Ann's (that's all I had to work with) in proximity to me and my AWESOME Hubby took me to all 3 in a 2 day period. He actually volunteered---he's so AWESOME and SUPPORTIVE! For the record--he NEVER accompanies me in the store, but will always gladly wait for me in the car:)

Secretly I was delighted that I'd get to visit so many Jo-Ann stores. Mainly because I had a deep, dark secret. I've been trying to hunt down printed jacquard fabrics for the last few weeks. You see, my serious obsession with printed jacquard fabric began a couple of months back and has driven me to the limits.  In April I spotted a beautiful black and white floral printed jacquard, stared at it for 5 minutes, picked it up and stared at it some more,  and reluctantly left it on the shelf after spotting the $14.99/yd price tag. At the time I couldn't think of a project to use it on and I was so focused on buying fabric for my Mother's Day dress so I passed it by. What was I thinking??? I saw this fabric again when Erica B made this Wonderful Dress. At this point I knew I had to track this fabric down. So armed with a few 50% off coupons, I began the mission to track it down. And tracked it down is what I did!  I managed to find 3 different types of jaquard's I liked in Jacksonville and added it to the one I already had. So I've got 4 cuts of jacquard prints and can't wait to find nice projects for each of them. They have an awesome print in addition to a great texture, which is characteristic of jacquards. These 2 combinations make for a very lush looking fabric with a great hand.

(These are 3 printed jacquards I picked up in Jacksonville. There was only approx 1.5yd of the b/w and the multicolor one on the end. Not much to work with but I'll figure something out--maybe I'll do a strapless top. I have about 3 yds of the blue/green jacquard in the middle. So I really plan to make something cute with that). 

(I've posted this pic before in an earlier post, but here is the first printed jacuard fabric I bought (second to the left).

 Ok, I think I've got my printed jacquard fabric fix! I can't wait to begin working with these. Definitely expect a fancy little number from at least one of these fabrics before Summer's end. If you have any suggestions I'll definitely take them. Stay tuned:)


  1. Such pretty prints! Very fun and summer-y.

  2. Oh, pretty! Go forth now, and make a beautiful thing!

  3. Beautiful fabrics - these are going to make some very gorgeous garments!

  4. I have fabric envy!! Those are gor-JUSS!!!
    :)Deb M.

  5. Very pretty fabric! I am looking forward to seeing them all sewn and worn by you.:)

  6. Wonderful fabric choices and I can't wait to see what you make with them!

  7. Oh how beautiful! I can't wait to see what you make :)))

  8. I do this at times too...get fixated on a fabric and have to buy as much as possible...ummm can we say borderprintitis! *LOL* Those are beautiful cuts and will make amazing garments! And you have a wonderful DH!!!


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