Monday, April 5, 2010

Christian Siriano's Special is on Bravo tonight!!!!

The well-loved, Season 4 Project Runway winner Christian Siriano has a special entitled "Christian Siriano: Having a Moment" which debuts tonight at 10pm on Bravo. It's a look into his world of fashion design and all of the projects and things he has going on.

Check it out if you have "a moment". I'm so tired from the craziness of last week and for all the sewing I did to get my Vogue 1182 Kay Unger dress  finished (last post) that I'm going to have to skip it tonight so I can catch some extra Z's. But fortunately it will be playing throughout the week so I'll catch it on Saturday at 10:30am. You can check the program schedules at to find a time suitable for you.  If you do see it tonight or before Saturday, let me know what you think!!!!

Hopefully it will be F-I-E-R-C-E!!!!


  1. I watched it last night. I really enjoyed it and was really impressed with the success he's having. Sometimes those reality show winners really don't go anywhere except to another reality show. His collection is gorgeous and I fabrics were off the charts, especially the ones that are satellite images. He is so entertaining and hasn't diva'ed out just yet. Hopefully you tivo-ed it but I'm sure Bravo will be re-running it plenty! BTW, love the Kay Unger came out beautiful.

  2. WHAT THA!?!... I had no idea this was coming on... luckily it's on Bravo, so with a little searching, I see it's coming on again this Friday... TG for Tivo!
    I found your site from
    I just finished 'Outliers' and I LOVE your concept.
    A project a week is wwaaayyyy steep for me, I decided for one a month... But I do like the way you think.
    Best of luck in your challenge. And I will be following...:-)

  3. Victoria!
    I came across your blog while actually lookin for Christians collection. I want to see some patterns from the Project Runway peeps. I really want to pick up sewing again for design instead of makin little kids costumes.
    Amazing .. good luck on your challenge and I will check in again..


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